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Our Staff

Meet Our Staff


Jeremy Fass

Senior Pastor

Jeremy was born hearing but as a toddler, he became profoundly deaf due to complications from Spinal Meningitis. At age 4, he began attending the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind in Tucson, Arizona where he lived until graduation in 1995. He did not attend church growing up, and in fact, did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ at all until he met his wonderful wife, Kim. Kim witnessed to him about the love of Jesus, His saving blood, and His promise of everlasting life. 


Jeremy received the calling to pastorate in 2010. He started a Bible Study with one other Deaf person. He graduated from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (aka Gateway) with a Masters degree in Theology Studies. Now leads the first Deaf lead church in the East Valley. 


Pastor Jeremy is very passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ. He is competitive and is a proud University of Arizona Wildcat Fan. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Kim, daughter Katelyn, and sons Mike and Riley, hiking, playing sports, and watching sports on TV.

One of his favorite Scriptures is John 16:33.

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